About Shake ‘N Move

Shake ‘N Move is a co-educational movement program, which utilises a wealth of techniques and resources inspired by many disciplines, such as gymnastics, dancing and music to provide your children with a fun, dynamic and educational experience.

Each week during these fun and interactive classes children will be encouraged to explore their creative side through movement in response to varied music and playing with equipment such as twirling ribbons, musical instruments, hula hoops and juggling balls.

What can Shake ‘N Move
do for my child?

We have created age appropriate classes that have been specifically designed to help encourage your child to explore their innate creativity. Through movement we facilitate the exploration of space, rhythm, body orientation and gravity. These can help with school readiness and also helps increase confidence.

Why choose Shake ‘N Move?

Our goal is to create an environment which facilitates learning and selfconfidence through activities that are highly entertaining and promote
teamwork and healthy relationships with others. Our program includes a vast
variety of topics and learning opportunities that can help prepare children for school and life in the community, such as healthy habits and hygiene, traffic awareness, emergency response and problem solving.